Industrial Information Systems and Environment


  • HIEKATA Kazuo
    Associate Professor
    HIEKATA Kazuo

    1998: BEng, Faculty of Engineering (The University of Tokyo)
    2000: MSc (The University of Tokyo)
    2000-2004: IBM Japan, Ltd.
    2004-2010: Lecturer (The University of Tokyo)
    2010: Associate Professor (The University of Tokyo)
    2013: Visiting Scholar, MIT

Transformation of Industry and Society

In modern days, distributed human agents and artifacts cooperate in highly networked information society as complex socio-technical systems. To solve problems caused by large complex systems, perspectives from several academic disciplines, such as engineering, information technology, economics, business administration and domain specific knowledge, are necessary to be integrated. However, conflicts in stakeholders, uncertainties of outcomes for interventions and conservative views with past best practices may slow transformations for paths to rapid and innovative solutions. For carrying out these researches, we work on following items.
Development of methodology for designing systems by systems approach, which identify objectives, functions, behavior and dependency of system elements.
Development of methodology for communication and collaboration of teamwork to integrate multidisciplinary experts by mutual understanding on the bases of systems approach.

Demand bus on demonstration experiment at Kashiwa
Demand bus in the demonstration experiment at Kashiwa
Developed open source software ShareFast
Stakeholder analysis for system re-framing of marine industry