Universal Sports Health Science (Xebio)


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Next-generation healthcare system based on sports and advanced technology

To deal with health problems in an aging society, we are developing a next-generation healthcare system in which medical science and advanced engineering are integrated. It is an important research subject, to realize early detection of brain disorders such as dementia and body disorders such as frailty, and to preventthose types of disorders. Another research subject is the understanding of health disorders of children due to stress and lack of exercise.
To solve these problems, we are developing a next-generation healthcare system in which advanced technologies such as IoT and AI are employed, and we are undertaking research to realize social implementation of the system. We carry out clinical research for patients, collaborating with medical institutions. In particular, we put emphasis on brain science research using an imaging instrument, such as near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). We also carry out research and development in academic–industrial collaboration, with enterprises including Xebio Holdings. It is essential to collaborate not only with medical enterprises, but with various types of enterprises. We are sure that our research will bring innovation to medical health fields.

Functional neuroimaging of a brain tumor patient by NIRS and fMRI