Ambient Mechatronics

To create innovative human-environment interaction technologies

To create novel mechatronic environments that naturally surround human to realize novel human-environment interactions, we are studying natural actuators and sensors, and human-environmental interaction.

Faculty Members

Our research group is working on novel actuators and sensors for future robotics and CHI (computer-human interaction) systems. In the area of actuators, a wide range of research topics are covered, with a particular emphasis on electrostatic actuation. For sensors, we are working on built-in sensing for integration with actuators and human-related sensing targeting CHI applications.
We are also working on the development of new robotic systems using our expertise on novel actuators and sensors, such like the thermal walking mechanisms that are actuated by a thermal actuation principle. Development of novel CHI systems is another aspect of our research activities. Especially, we have been working on haptic and tactile systems to realize intuitive CHI.
We welcome new students who are interested in these research fields with a solid background on mechatronics.

Flexible and high-power Electrostatic Artificial Muscle

I have been developing biointerface technologies that harmonize machines with humans and environment, and conducting its applied researches. Especially, I am focusing on the interaction between the electromagnetic field and continuum objects such as conductive materials, and biological tissues and developing novel ubiquitous imaging and multimodal sensory display technologies. While making full use of these technologies, I am conducting researches related to the robot environment, human augmentation, evaluation of perceptual characteristics, and applications in industrial and medical fields.
For imaging technologies, I am investigating simple devices such as various shape tactile sensors and sheet-like motion sensors. For sensory display technologies, I am developing novel haptic interface based on the perceptual characteristics.
Through the engineering challenges such as analysis of biological function and structure, investigation on the functional device materials, development of intelligent measurement, and optimization of human machine system, I aim to create innovative interface technologies for the future society.

Versatile imaging by electromagnetic tomography