About 2021 Briefing Session for Entrance Examination

Briefing Online Session for Entrance Examination is scheduled.

Real time briefing session

Explanation of the entrance examination of HEES, introduction of each field of studies, and Q&A session will be held by using Zoom.


The briefing session for schedule A finished. You can watch the on-demand video briefing. Briefing session for schedule B will be held on September.

  • May 1 (Sat.), 2021. 13:00~
  • May 8 (Sat.), 2021 13:00~ ※1
  • June 5 (Sat.), 2021 13:00~

  • ※1 Joint briefings for Division of Environmental Studies will be held. Please check the registration form if you want to participate into the briefings of other departments.


    Please register before the start time of each session from here (Google form, Japanese Only). We will send a link to join the online session via e-mail.

    On Demand Briefing Session

    Explanation of the entrance examination of HEES and introduction of each field of studies will be uploaded on YouTube.

    (Movies will be uploaded after the real time session on May 1.)

    Introduction of each field of studies, and movies to see inside the laboratories will be uploaded on Facebook and YouTube.


  • You can watch the movie of briefing held on May 1, 2021.
  • A slide for the briefing on June 5th, 2021 is available here.
  • Facebook group(You can check the summary of each field of studies)
  • YouTube Playlist

  • Contact

    Please check F&Q

    on the website of HEES.

    If it is unclear, please contact from the following e-mail address.

  • ・About entrance examination: Student Affairs Team of GSFS
  • ・About HEES: Examination staff of HEES
  • ・About specific field of studies: E-mail address of each staff listed in the Guide to Entrance Examination.
  • ・We will response to the comments on Facebook articles.