Welcome to the Department of Human and Engineered Environmental Studies.

Following the rapid changes in the world, our department focuses on “human beings” and the “environment” surrounding us, and aims to “realize a fruitful life where people and the environment are in harmony.” To achieve this purpose, just concentrating on a single discipline is not good enough, and it is essential to introduce the “interdisciplinary education and research” advocated by the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences. In our department, each laboratory’s activity is based on elemental technologies such as energy engineering, system engineering, sports science, mechatronics, sensing, information communication and computational engineering. By applying and developing your own strengths in these academic fields, it becomes possible to collaborate with researchers in different fields.

Our campus, Kashiwa campus is filled with opportunities to exchange original ideas from different research fields, together with various research centers, and support facilities being operated by Graduate School of Frontier Sciences. In addition, we have many projects that involve regional cooperation, international cooperation and social demonstration experiment, where you can try to examine your research outputs by using these project.

Now, the strict definition of “human environmental studies” has not been established and I hope to find new solutions together with you in our department. Let's make a new era which is shaped out by our department.

MORITA Takeshi
Head of the Department,
Department of Human and Engineered Environmental Studies,
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences