Intelligent Systems Design

Transformation of Industry and Society

We adopt simulation, sensing and data analytics to develop systems design method for solving problems of industry and society.

Faculty Member

Large complex systems are systems, which consist of various elements and have emerged functions. In modern days, we are facing with many significant problems caused by large complex systems. To solve these problems, perspectives from several academic disciplines, such as engineering, information technology, economics, business administration and domain specific knowledge, are necessary to be integrated. We work on following items.

  1. Development of methodology for designing systems by systems approach, which identify objectives, functions, behavior and dependency of system elements.
  2. Development of methodology for communication and collaboration of teamwork to integrate multidisciplinary experts by mutual understanding on the bases of systems approach.

Our lab applies, we apply systems approach to marine transportation system, shipbuilding industry and information system integration industry to create structures of industries by utilizing advanced technologies.

Design Process for Intelligent Systems