Sustainable Power and Energy Systems

Realization of carbon-neutral and convenient energy systems

Our group is working on the optimization of energy systems, from automotive powertrains to distributed power generation systems, by clarifying phenomena, modeling with the help of physics and AI, systemization and control using models and information, and even considering human behavior.

Faculty Member

To realize a sustainable global environment and society, not only the optimization of individual vehicles and energy devices, but also their organic coordination and cooperation are required. In addition, the design and control of these devices must consider the various characteristics of users, which will lead to the realization of more energy-efficient and convenient devices and systems. In the field of Sustainable Power and Energy Systems, we are working on automotive powertrains and distributed energy systems. Our research objective is to analyze and synthesize them. The followings are the main topics: 1) the elucidation of phenomena related to energy conversion, 2) modeling using physics and AI, 3) systemization and control using models and information, and 4) the optimization of energy systems considering human behavior.

Model based control of engines considering driver's characteristics